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York Healthcare understands that, for most individuals, it’s not a question of if, but when: the vast majority of Americans will need extended medical care at some point in their lives. Most of us intuitively assume this is a problem faced solely by the elderly; however, well over a third of those faced with long-term care situations last year were between the ages of 18 and 64.

Unable to properly care for themselves, most people facing a long-term care need will mistakenly assume they face two options: enter some type of nursing home or impose upon a family member to care for them. In fact, the vast majority of home care in this country is unpaid work, performed by volunteers, friends, and family.

However, the home care landscape is wider than most people realize. Our partners have developed a variety of strategies to help families cope with the necessity for long-term care. Regardless of your age, you’ve spent your time, money, and effort creating a space in this world for yourself and your family. Don’t allow a medical issue to force you or a loved one out of that space and into a care facility unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Many families aren’t aware of simple ways they can pay for home care. The most obvious is to pay only for what you need. Many nursing homes provide care packages that include adult day care, enabling family members to continue to work while knowing their loved ones are looked after during their absence. If the level of care you require is within a range that can be performed at home, let York Healthcare help you.

In addition to cutting costs, it’s crucial to ensure that you aren’t paying for things that could be covered otherwise. Medicare and Medicaid programs, along with some additional state programs, provide home care benefits for those in need. However, the regulatory guidelines dictating coverage for home care often combine to influence patients to choose institutional care. Long-term care insurance and estate planning can ensure that home care is a viable option, when the time comes.

Where Medicaid coverage is an option, our staff with the assistance of our partners can help you shelter savings while complying with Medicaid’s stringent guidelines concerning personal assets. The benefits of home care are obvious: the financial savings that come from avoiding a $500-a-day nursing home bed as long as possible, along with the emotional payoff of spending your time in your home, with the family you love. It’s your story, and it’s never too early to begin planning to enjoy it on your own terms.


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